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7 Quick Tips To Prepare Your Broward County Home For Selling!

Posted by Prenner Group on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 at 12:38pm.

When preparing your Broward County home to sell, it can be hard to determine exactly what will impress buyers and which of your efforts will go unappreciated. You know that you want to spend as little as possible; but you only want to put the time and money into the investments that will go the furthest. As a result, massive remodeling projects are typically off the table — it's often hard to make the money back on major overhauls. The key to successful presale prep is a series of subtle touches that modernize, polish, and yes, simplify your home. Here are 7 ways you can achieve these targets without breaking the bank.

Stay Neutral

Whether you're still holding onto your powder pink and peach walls from the 90s, or you simply customized your entire home to suit your favor for bright hues, you'll likely want to select a neutral palette while buyers are looking at your house. Why? Well, by doing so you can sate both the buyers who prefer a minimalist approach — a large number of today's buyers — as well as those who prefer a custom and bolder aesthetic, as they're better able to visualize their own set of colors in the home.


Update Hardware

Few small things can date a home like badly tarnished brassware, fake peeling copper finish, or interior door handles that have seen too much use. Similarly jarring is scratched cabinetry. Take the time to update small flaws like these throughout the house — in fact, dedicate most of your time to this. Though these may seem like miniscule defects that can be overlooked, they factor greatly into how the home is perceived.


Remove Ceiling Popcorn

If you've convinced yourself that a popcorned ceiling is a charming vintage throwback or a cool retro feature that's due for a comeback, think again. Buyers are often disappointed to see these textured ceilings, and if they contain asbestos, even more work will be required. At the very least, popcorn ceilings show a home's age — and not in the exciting "heritage home" way. If your ceilings are asbestos-free, removing your popcorn is a simple (but messy) DIY project; if they aren't, leave this to the professionals.

De-Personalize The Home

There's a chance that buyers might love your set of family photos, your collection of global fridge magnets, or your eclectic china cabinet. But it's not likely. Take down your collection of trophies from your fireplace mantle and save the sponge paintings for the new house. Buyers want to imagine their lives in the properties they view, and doing so will be difficult if you leave a trail of personal items out in the open.

If You Must Splurge, Splurge Once

Once your kitchen has been brought up to standard with the above steps, you can move on to increasing its luxury factor. No need to remodel it in its entirety; instead, choose one appliance like the sink, microwave, or even the fridge, and replace it with a high-end version. You'd be surprised to see how a new refrigerator can make your whole room look more expensive.


Keep Your Lawn Lush

A luxuriant green lawn is the first thing prospective buyers will see when they drive up to your home, so you'll want to ensure that you keep your grass in tip-top shape. If you don't already have an extravagant garden, there's no need to invest in extensive curb appeal measures — simply keeping your yard neatly trimmed and healthy will add a groomed, prestigious look to the exterior of your home.


Induce Fragrance

The standard rule of "freshly baked cookies" can be mixed up a bit in Broward County. Opt for a relaxing floral, ocean breeze, or fruity scent to awaken buyers to the paradise that awaits. It sounds dubious, but a pleasant scent can truly draw buyers to a home and make it seem much more appealing.

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