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6 Ways To Modernize Your Home!

Posted by Prenner Group on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 1:29pm.

If it's been years since you upgraded your home and its feeling a little dated, perhaps it's time to make a few upgrades. Maybe you've been browsing home magazines and were drawn to a contemporary look. Or maybe you just feel that your own home needs a boost. Either way, if you're not in the market for a full remodeling project, there are still select upgrades that you can make which will bring your home to the forefront of the latest home styles. Here are 6 examples of ways you can modernize your Fort Lauderdale home!

Select Low Furniture

Low furniture falls in line with ideas of minimalism, and minimalism is at the heart of modernity. Having simple furniture that's not too elevated can give your space a smooth, streamlined look that's hard to obtain with large, clunky couches and tables. On top of all of that, low-lying pieces of furniture actually add space to the room, helping it feel much more roomy and breezy.

Trade Out Curtains

Ideally, you'll trade your curtains for treatment-free windows. Sure, you may not have the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows of some of Broward County's swankiest condos, but that doesn't mean your vistas should be weighed down with dusty lavish curtains; forgoing these truly upgrades the homes and allows for plenty of natural light flow. If you're set on having window coverings, opt for shades or blinds instead of drapes. Efficient, simple, and much easier to clean, plantation shutters or roller shades make for a much more up-to-date aesthetic.

Minimize Handles

Nothing says modern more than barely-visible doorknobs and handles. Whether you select handle-free kitchen cabinets or ones with compact chrome add-ons that are hardly noticeable from a few steps away, you'll be choosing a look that's much more in keeping with contemporary preferences than ornate knobs or elaborately carved handles.

Select Stainless Steel

Ideas of what make luxury countertops have been evolving; we've gone from purely coveting granite to accepting butcher block, quartz, and a plethora of other beautiful options. But stainless steel appliances are still the standard for a fresh, polished, and up-to-the-minute look in your kitchen.

Remove Your Carpet

If you're able to, removing your carpet — or at least some of it, from the main rooms — can make a major difference in how dated your home feels. Don't fret; this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll need to apply hand-scraped bamboo or reclaimed ash wood planks at soaring prices. Travertine or other tiling is a beautiful choice, and laminate, though once considered low-end has been highly developed over the past few years and is now available in a range of stunning finishes that resemble real wood.

Hide Your Technology

While technology may seem modern, having visible dusty wires, a desktop computer, and a number of other electronics out in the open can seem like the exact opposite. If you have a desktop computer, keep this in a separate office area; if you have a TV that can be placed on the wall, doing so will minimize the space needed to accommodate it and its stand. Smart technology in the home is the ultimate sign of contemporary living, but the more subtle your tech is at home, the more modern your space will feel.

Do you have any tips on modernizing an outdated space? Share your tips with us in the comments section below!

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